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Highlands College Steps

Highlands College

A trusting partnership can bear beautiful fruit. No less could be said about the work Brand Neue does in support of the mission and vision of Highlands College — an academic institution training individuals into Christian ministry. We have been entrusted with the articulation of their brand across print and digital media as well as environmental and event design. We could not be more proud of the beauty and the bounty this partnership has borne.

Highlands College Wall Graphics Highlands College Text Pattern
Highlands College To Fulfill the Great Commission Wall
Highlands College Healthy Wall Graphics Highlands College To Mobilize the Local Church
Highlands College Pod Room

The translation of a brand into a book that tells the story of your values and identity and how others experience and value it is an honor and a discipline. A discipline we regularly undertake for Highlands College.

Highlands College Spread
Highlands College Book Cover Highlands College Spread
Highlands College Spreads

Providing professional and leadership training — Highlands College’s annual Impact Conference is an important educational opportunity and tool for investing back into the HC student, alumni and donor communities. Our role is to provide an Impact Conference experience for the viewer — whether through social, digital or video promotion, digital platform engagement or the physical experience of being present at the event itself — all touch points must be excitement building, on-brand and seamlessly integrated.

Impact Leadership Conference Stage
Impact Leadership Conference Stands Impact Leadership Conference Signage
Impact Leadership Conference Signage Impact Leadership Conference Spreads
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